Terra Verde is not a brick-and-mortar store.  It is a small nursery/greenhouse business at my 1749 farmhouse in Granby, MA.  The little self-serve stand is open seasonally, usually April through June, and you are welcome to stop anytime to use it.  Yep, Granby is a small town.  And yes, there have been a couple of bad apples through the years but the vast majority of my customers are fantastically honest people.  Like me.

The greenhouse and nursery area are open when I am there, which can be a little hit-or-miss since I am a one-woman business.  I am usually there every Saturday during the growing season, and large chunks of time the other days.  Feel free to call me (Janet) at (413) 219-7373 if you want to set up a time to visit the greenhouse area.

A note on parking:  Feel free to park in our driveway, particularly in the turnaround.  You are welcome to park on our lawn.  Please do not park on the road or on our neighbor’s lawn.  Pleasant Street is 40 MPH, so please park safely.


119 Pleasant St, Granby, MA