Garden Consultation

Do you have vision for your garden but have no idea where to start or create it? Are you spending too much time maintaining your garden and not enough time enjoying it? Do you want to eliminate toxic chemicals from your life and still have a great looking yard? A short garden consultation may be just what you need to help you create a beautiful, sustainable, and eco-friendly garden.

The Consultation Process-

After discussing your predicament via phone or email, I will arrange a time to visit your garden. During the visit, we will walk around and address your concerns. Many people find it helpful to bring a notepad and pen of paper to jot down notes or ideas as they come up. I aim to answer all your questions during the meeting, but I will follow up with email if I need to research something or send you links to resources.

Garden Consultation Rates-

Consultations are billed at $50 per hour. After the first hour, I bill in 30 minute increments. Many clients find that an hour and a half is about the right amount of time, but this can vary depending on the issues at hand.

Design work, such as detailed planting plans or conceptual designs, require additional studio time and is billed at the same rate,

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you!

A few of the topics I can help you with-

  • Yard maintenance 101 (Great for new homeowners!)
  • Reworking overgrown foundation plantings
  • Creating a more welcoming entrance
  • Upping your curb appeal
  • Creating a rain garden
  • Starting your first vegetable garden
  • Hands-on pruning basics
  • Creating a more bird-friendly yard
  • Organic land care principals